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Errata from Second Printing
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Chapter Page Line Impact/Reason Change
1 10 25-30 IMPROVEMENT Change vowel ordering to e, i, a, o, u, y (per suggestion from Christopher Lane, pointing out vowel occurrence ranking in English text).
3 45 30 ERROR add "defined" before $upper
3 47 30 ERROR add "defined" before $upper
3 48 26 ERROR add "defined" before $upper
4 74 25 GRAMMAR footnote #7: change text "than" to "that".
4 86 6 CLARITY insert new footnote after "random lookup:" as follows:

The data uses underscores instead of spaces in attribute values (like "New Mexico") in order for the split() to work.
5 108 29 CONSISTENCY Delete & in line of code.
7 168 24 ERROR last paragraph, last sentence, change "in the next version of perl" to "in this version of perl".
8 187 18 SPELLING Change "Extutils" to "ExtUtils".
10 233 5 ACCURACY change "Michael Schilli's" to "Michael Schilli and Kevin Goess's"
10 242 11 SPELLING middle paragraph; change "HTsML" to "HTML".
PSDT would like to thank the following readers for submitting errata entries: Christopher Lane, Martin Davies.

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